Records of all Minor League Baseball Teams in Bloomingdale, Connecticut

Minor League baseball in Bloomingdale, Connecticut:

Class League                     Year  Team                   Record
  D  North Atlantic League          1946  Bloomingdale Troopers  41-78  6th         43.5 GB
  D  North Atlantic League          1947  Bloomingdale Troopers  57-74  5th (tie)    6.5 GB
  D  North Atlantic League          1948  Bloomingdale Troopers  77-52  3rd          5   GB  lose 1st round playoffs 4 games to 3 v. Peekskill Highlanders  

Post Season play:

North Atlantic League Playoffs:

1948 Bloomington Troopers lose 4 games to 3 v Peekskill Highlanders.

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