Minor League Baseball Teams from Easton, Pennsylvania

Minor League Baseball in Easton, Pennsylvania:

Class League                    Year  Team    Record    
      Central League            1888  Easton  38-67  6th
 Ind  Central Pennsylvania Lg.  1888  Easton  25-22  3rd
      Atlantic Association      1889  Easton  10-26             disbanned 6/22
      Eastern Inter-State Lg.   1890  Easton  16-31  5th        disbanned 7/5
      Pennsylvania State Lg.    1893  Easton  70-36  1st        lose playoffs 3 games to 2 to Johnstown Terror
      Pennsylvania State Lg.    1894  Easton   8-36             transfer to Philadelphia 7/4. The Philadelphia Colts finished the 49-74 season in 8th and last.
  B   Pennsylvania State Lg.    1896  Easton  12-23             disbanned 6/13
 Ind  Atlantic League           1907  Easton  44-71  8th (last)
      Atlantic League           1908  Easton  26-24  5th

Post Season play:

Pennsylvania State League Playoffs:

1893  Easton loses 3 games to 2 v. Johnstown Terror

Pennsylvania State League Champions (Pennant)
Easton 1893

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