New York Times Oct. 19, 1901
 The Harvard football team and substitutes, numbering twenty-five, left Cambridge yesterday afternoon for West Point, where the Cadets will be played to-day....
 Coach Reid, when questioned last night in regard to the story that considerable feeling had arisen at West Point over the fact that [William Clarence] Matthews, the colored quarterback, was to play to-day, said that Harvard would put her strongest available team on the field, and that Matthews would go in at quarterback.

•Read more about William Clarence Matthews as a pioneer baseball player and lawyer in this Harvard Magazine article

New York Times Oct. 18, 1905
Blue and White Man Refuses to Play Against Amherst Negroes
 The gates at American League Park were closed to spectators yesterday afternoon, and secret practic for the Amherst game was started.
 An interesting complication which Columbia has never before been called upon to face arises from the fact that Amherst has two negroes on her eleven. Fisher, one of the local ends, draws the color line, and will not play on Saturday. His loss will be severely felt in the contest, as the Blue and White is short for men for the wing positions.

New York Times Oct. 7, 1906
And Yale incidentally Puts Colored Tackle Out of Business.
 NEW HAVEN, Conn. Oct. 6--Syracuse's beefy eleven was mowed down by Yale's lightweight attack here this afternoon, the Elis scoring almost at will. They ran up a total of 51 to 0.
 Syracuse played Charley Porter, a former colored rubber at Yale, as one of her tackles. He was accidentally put out of commission early in the game by being heavily tackled by a Yale man, who fell on his arm, spraining it. He quit the game and went to the home here of his father, a colored barber. By a peculiar coincidence Matthews, the Harvard colored end rush, was accidentally injured in the game against Yale in the short time he remained in the game in much the same way....

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