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American Football in Finland
Suomen Amerikkalaisen Jalkapallon Liitto • SAJL
Naisten Vaahteraliiga (Women's Maple League)

Premier Division
Naisten Vaahteramalja • Women's Maple Bowl
Flag Football
Maple Lg. Final I 2000  Jyväskylä Jaguars (W 69-6) Helsinki GS Demons,    (Aug. 12)
Maple Lg. Final II 2001                                  (unknown)   
Maple Lg. Final III 2002  Jyväskylä Jaguara (W 46-0) Helsinki Roosters,  at Jyväskylä  (Aug. 18)
Maple Lg. Final IV 2003  Helsinki Roosters (W 14-7) Helsinki GS Demons,  at Helsinki  (Aug. 16)
Maple Lg. Final V 2004  Helsinki GS Demons (W 17-14) Helsinki Roosters,  at Helsinki  (Aug. 7)
Maple Lg. Final VI 2005  Helsinki GS Demons (W 20-3) Helsinki Roosters,  at Helsinki  (Aug. 27)
Maple Lg. Final VII 2006  Helsinki Roosters (W 34-7) Helsinki GS Demons,  at Helsinki  (Jul. 29)
Maple Lg. Final VIII 2007  Helsinki Roosters (W 23-18) Helsinki GS Demons,  at Helsinki  (Aug. 11)
Tackle Football
Maple Lg. Final IX 2008  Helsinki GS Demons (W 18-6) Helsinki Roosters,  at Helsinki  (Aug. 16)
Maple Lg. Final X 2009  Helsinki GS Demons (W 28-27O.T.) Helsinki Roosters,  at Helsinki  (Aug. 2)
Maple Lg. Final XI 2010  Helsinki GS Demons (W 48-40) Helsinki Roosters,  at Helsinki  (Jul. 24)
Maple Lg. Final XII 2011  Helsinki Roosters (W 54-18) Helsinki GS Demons,  at Helsinki  (Jul. 30)
Maple Lg. Final XIII 2012  Oulu Northern Lights (W 36-12) Helsinki GS Demons,  at Helsinki  (Aug. 5)
Maple Lg. Final XIV 2013  Helsinki GS Demons (W 44-12) Seinäjoki Crocodiles,  at Helsinki  (Aug. 17)
Maple Lg. Final XV 2014  Helsinki GS Demons (W 40-0) Jyväskylä Jaguars,  at Paloka  (Aug. 30)
Maple Lg. Final XVI 2015  Helsinki GS Demons (W 46-8) Helsinki Roosters,  at Vantaa  (Sep. 19)
Maple Bowl XVII 2016  Helsinki Roosters (W 26-0) Tampere Trojans,  at Helsinki  (Aug. 13)
Maple Bowl XVIII 2017  Helsinki Wolverines (W 17-6) Helsinki Roosters,  at Vantaa  (Sep. 2)
Maple Bowl XIX   2018  Helsinki Wolverines (W 55-12) St. Petersburg Valkyries,  at Vantaa  (Aug. 18)
Maple Bowl XX 2019  Helsinki Wolverines (W 47-8) St. Petersburg Valkyries,  at Vantaa (Sep. 1) 
Maple Bowl XXI 2020  Helsinki Wolverines (W 28-0) Tampere Saints,  at Espoo (Sep. 5) 
Maple Bowl XXII 2021  Turku Trojans (W 17-14) Helsinki Wolverines,  at Vantaa (Sep. 4) 
Maple Bowl XXIII 2022  Turku Trojans (W 23-0) Helsinki Wolverines,  at Vantaa (Sep. 3) 
Maple Bowl XXIV 2023  Turku Trojans (W 8-7) Helsinki Wolverines,  at Vantaa (Aug. 12) 
   • This is Semi-Pro football. There are two lower divisions, as well.
   • Before 2008, the women played Flag Football.
   • The Helsinki GS Spirit: The GS stands for the Golden Spirit Association, a.k.a Helsinki Lady Demons a.k.a. the Espoo GS Demons.
   • Also, go to the Men's Maple Bowl history page.
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