American Football in Sweden
Sveriges Amerikanska Fotbollsförbund
Super Serien

The Women's Super Series
SM-Final • Women's National Final
SM-Final 1 2012  Stockholm Mean Machines (W 42-0) Arlanda Jets, 
SM-Final 2 2013  Stockholm Mean Machines (W 28-6) Arlanda Jets,  at Stockholm
SM-Final 3 2014  Stockholm Mean Machines (W 38-6) Arlanda Jets,  at Örebro
SM-Final 4 2015  Stockholm Mean Machines (W 21-0) Örebro Black Knights,  at Stockholm
SM-Final 5 2016  Örebro Black Knights (W 28-7) Arlanda Jets,  at at Stockholm (Jul. 9)
SM-Final 6 2017  Örebro Black Knights (W 22-6) Stockholm Mean Machines,  at Örebro (Jul. 8) 
SM-Final 7 2018  Carlstad Crusaders (W 30-28) Örebro Black Knights,  at Stockholm (Jul. 7)
SM-Final 8 2019  Carlstad Crusaders (W 14-8) Örebro Black Knights,  at Borås, (Jul. 9)
SM-Final 9 2020  Carlstad Crusaders (W 28-0) Örebro Black Knights,  at Karlstad (Oct. 24)
SM-Final 10 2021  Carlstad Crusaders (W 14-0) Örebro Black Knights,  at Örebro (Oct. 2)

 • This Sveriges Amerikanska Fotbollsförbund (SAFF) should not be confused with the unrelated Stockholm region Australian Football Federation (SAFF), which is Australian-rules football.
For the Mens Superserien Championships history, see: Superserien (Men)
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