Tropic Bowl
Costa Rica
Tropic Bowl

Tropic Bowl
Tropic Bowl I 2011  Costa Rica (W 41-0) Panama
Tropic Bowl II 2012  Cartago East (W 48-36) Cartago West  at La Liga Field, Cartaga (5/11)
Tropic Bowl III 2013  New England All-Stars (W 36-6) Costa Rica  (5/18)
Tropic Bowl IV 2014  North East All-Stars (U.S.) (W 42-6) Costa Rica National team  (5/10)
Tropic Bowl V 2015  North East All-Stars (U.S.) (W 18-0) Costa Rica All-Stars  (5/9)
Tropic Bowl VI 2016  North East All-Stars (U.S.) (W 32-0) Costa Rica All-Stars  (5/14)
Tropic Bowl VII 2017  North East All-Stars (U.S.) (W 16-6) Costa Rica All-Stars  (5/27)
Tropic Bowl VIII 2018  Costa Rica All-Stars (T 18-18) North East All-Stars (U.S.)  (5/19)
Tropic Bowl IX 2019  North East All-Stars (U.S.) (W 8-0) Costa Rica All-Stars  (5/18)

Log for the Costa Rica national team in American Football, reading: Costa Rica/Seleccion Nacional Futbol Americano.
Costa Rica National Team

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